Manufactured in Liberty, South Carolina


Safe-Spiral ABRA is a 2-colored Wear Indicator spiral. It has black surface and yellow interior.

Safe-Spiral ABRA is designed to identify those problematic points that are exposed to abrasion and / or hard hits and therefore need more punctual monitoring: once the black top layer wears off and the yellow color appears this indicates that the spiral should soon be replaced.

Abrasion of this spiral is very minimal even though the thickness of the top layer is only 0.5 mm. It would take approximately 1000 km or 415 hours to wear off at 1.9 MPa surface pressure (pin-on-disk tester).

Safe-Spiral ABRA features

  • Produced by double extrusion

  • Protects hydraulic and pneumatic hoses against abrasion, shocks and general wearing and therefore prolongs the life of your hoses

  • Tolerates both frost and heat

  • Resistant to acids, oils and solvents

  • Contains antistatic additive

  • Easy to install


Available in outer diameters from 20mm to 63mm.

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