Safe-WhipStop is a product meant to stop Whip Lash -effect when a hose gets detached. This hose restraint keeps the hose from harming the person working in proximity of the hose.


Textile material is gentle the hoses, because it is light and soft. The assembly is easy and quick and does not require any tools. Also, one size can be used for most hoses.

There are two models available:


  1. Bolt fix “SA-STBF”                 2) Double loop “SA-STDL”











“Safe-WhipStop” can be used for all low-pressure hydraulic hoses up to 7250 psi (500 bar). It should be replaced at the time of changing the hose.

Material:                 polyester, black

Width:                      20 mm

Thickness:              1.8 mm

Tightening piece: neoprene 60 sha, thickness 10 mm (±0.8 mm)

Bolt:                         surface treated steel, welded, for bolt size M6

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                                         *Product is painted yellow for visibility in the photos.